Saturday, 16 June 2012

Beaver Not Missing After All

Just a quick update to the beaver situation on Seafield Loch. In March it was announced that the male beaver on the loch had not been seen since December and that it was officially missing. A search was instigated but no signs were found. Visitors staying at Seafield Farm Cottages in April had an early morning walk up to the loch and came back having seen and photographed two beavers. I had a look the next day and saw for myself that there were indeed two beavers on the loch. (Two beavers on Seafield Loch, April 2012, Photo courtesy of A A Kennedy) During the winter months, spotting beavers is very difficult. The hours of darkness are long and while summer visits to beaver lochs can guarantee sightings almost any evening or morning for those who know where to look, in the winter it is rare to spot the animals going about their business. The project is adamant that the beaver went walkabout and then came back and this may be the case but not seeing a beaver, doesn't mean it wasn't there all the time. We are told that this beaver has a history of going walkabout as it moved a few yards from Creag Mhor Loch to an adjacent lochan and then did a swap with the Seafield Loch male beaver which is now on the Creag Mhor lochan. Seafield Loch and Creag Mhor loch are connected by a burn, providing easy passage for a beaver. Which beaver was the usurper is impossible to say. In the absence of ear tags or other visually apparent identification, it is almost impossible to positively identify which beaver it is that you are looking at. The only way to confirm which beaver it is, is to catch it and check the micro chip and this has proved to be quite difficult - as far as I know, the Dubh Loch 2010 kit has yet to be caught and its gender confirmed. (NB, Seafield Loch is shown as Loch Buic on the OS maps but it has always been known locally as Seafield Loch).

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  1. I was worried for a it. Missing Beavers are not happy Beavers. I think.

    Our Beaver showed up on Canada Day (July1st). How patriotic was that!