Monday, 5 September 2011

Dear Editor

Dear Editor,
                   How sad it is to read that school children are being used quite cynically by being invited to name the surviving Beaver kits. The anthropomorphising of wild animals does nothing to further the understanding of them. Just how Basil the Badger, Franky Fox and Cyril Squirrel will react to the new kids on the block is unknown, but not best pleased would be my guess.
The entire disastrous Beaver introduction project has been quite promiscuous in its dishonest attempts to somehow portray a giant destructive rodent as some sort of ‘ickle furwy fing’, it is invariably called ‘charismatic’ without anyone bothering to check the meaning of the word .
How SNH and SWT have cozened and gulled so many people is a tribute to the deft and selective publication of the facts, bent and buckled to suit whatever version of the truth is likely to get attention. With the Executive failing to publish the findings of the independent review, all we have is the biased pro Beaver stance of the main participants.
That deliberately misleading information is being given to school children is a sorry reflection on the ethical integrity of those involved and the trust of schools.
The so called ‘Scottish’ Beavers already sport Scandinavian names so it will be interesting to see what the schools come up with. No doubt Sven, Brigitta and baby Maurice will be sending Christmas cards to their deluded admirers

Yours faithfully

Alexander Hamilton

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