Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Arrival of Beavers on the Lily Loch

Two beavers were released today, 4 May, somewhat later than planned due to an injury (while in the care of the Zoo) to one of the beavers, variously reported as an injured foot or a tail being damaged by a spade. Whatever happened, it is presumably deemed fit for release now. There is some confusion about whether this is the third or fourth family or pair. It is the fourth pair to be released but in the absence of family number three, it is the third pair in Knapdale. There are plans to release a further pair which were brought into the country just under six months ago which will be the fifth pair to be released but the fourth pair actually existing in Knapdale. The original licence allowed for up to four families to be released so a further licence has to be granted to allow the release of pair number five, which will actually be pair number four - hope you are all keeping up.

Unless more have gone missing (and it is not as if we would be told), there are now eight beavers in Knapdale. One family of two adults and one female juvenile on the Dubh Loch, one family of two adults and one male juvenile on Loch Linnhe and the new pair on the Lily Loch which are an adult male and sub adult female. The two juveniles are at the age when they are likely to be leaving the family group - especially if any kits are born. Unless they are fortunate enough to cross each other's paths, they will be wandering about in Knapdale with little chance of finding a mate.

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