Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Beavers Build £100,000 lodge on Dubh Loch

The budget for the Beaver Project is rising faster than than the Dubh Loch, having increased from £1.7 million to £1.8 million. The £100,000 increase coincides with the discovery of a beaver lodge on the Dubh Loch. Far from the well appointed four bedroom Scandinavian holiday home that one might expect for such a sum, we find a heap of sticks and mud on the east side of the Dubh Loch. The loch which was a small marshy area, is rapidly becoming a substantial body of water and a more suitable habitat than the steep sided, deep Loch Coille Bharr. The one positive thing is that the lodge was decorated with rhododendron so they may be of some use in ridding us of another alien species.

The path between Coille Bharr and the Dubh Loch is now almost a metre in depth. The new sign on the gate states ‘if doing the complete circuit; you may have difficulty at this section’. Without a boat or waders it is more than difficult; it is impassable. However, the hardy walker with wellingtons can get around the 120 metre flood by heading west to the ridge along the side of Coille Bharr, crossing the beaver dam and emerging onto dry land south of the flood. Alternatively you can head east and skirt the far side of the Dubh Loch. There is no obvious path and it is not without hazard. This route is positively discouraged by the Beaver Partners as they do not want the lodge or scientific studies of the area to be disrupted. So much for the benefits to tourism.

With all the excitement about the lodge, the escapee beaver or beavers which were believed to be at Drimvore seem to have been forgotten. The latest information (not from Beaver Project sources) is that they have moved onto a neighbouring farmer’s land. The ‘easily caught’ beavers have been known to be north of Knapdale since September but continue to elude capture.

Photos 1, Beaver Lodge on the Dubh Loch 2, Ventilation Hole at the top of the lodge
3, New Tourism Signage

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  1. Hmmm might have ventured around Dubh Loch when I got to the impassable path if I had read this first but actually I think it unlikely! Ditto crossing a beaver dam with three dogs.....