Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Wanderer Returns? Or Not?

The following information appeared on the Scottish Beaver Project Blog but has now completely disappeared from the site. For those who missed the blog post and the information on the capture and re-release of the adult male beaver which absconded from Creag Mhor Loch back in June, here is the text of the blog article. One wonders why the post has been removed.

Thursday, 13 August 2009
Wanderer Returns
This blog has been quiet for the last two weeks because I'm on holiday, but last night I couldn't resist crawling out of hiding after receiving a phone call from Simon with very good news: he and his super trapping team, John, Richard and Nick, had been up to the fish farm at Port na Moine and recaptured Andreas Bjorn.
In the end it hadn't been too difficult since Andreas was using a small stream. They dug the trap in down stream and waited quietly with pig boards and a large net until he wandered towards it. Sneaking in behind him to block escape up stream, they walked quietly and calmly towards him and ushered him into the trap. There were no dramas, from what they said it all went very smoothly.
Samples of faeces, castoreum, and anal gland secretion were taken and Andreas was fitted with a new satellite tag so that now we can see where he is (or where the tag is!) simply by logging on the the computer. Of course he will still have to be watched by observers in order to assess his condition and ensure that the tag is still attached.

Andreas was quickly transported back to Creag Mhor, the loch that he had originally been released into, Richard sat in the back of the truck for the journey along the forestry track in order to prevent the precious cargo from being bumped about.
It took under 1.5 hours from capture to return to the water and when I joined them by the loch side to be able to assess his condition for myself, he looked bright and alert although he has lost some bodyweight during his adventure.
Food was put out for him along the loch side in order to provide an easy high energy meal, and Andreas's box was opened. Without hesitation, he swam out into the calm water and we left him in peace to settle.
The electric fence has been turned on and the streams leading out of the site have been marked with the unfamiliar scent of another dominant male beaver in order to help deter him from moving. Time will tell how well this works and what Andreas decides his next move will be.
Posted by Jenny Holden at Thursday, August 13, 2009


  1. Bet he has gone walk about again! Would be good to have an explaination - what no communication? Good heavens what a surprise.

  2. The blog entry was tweaked and re-named Recapture Success before being re-posted. The beaver remains on its own on Creag Mhor Loch - not a very good situation for any social animal and one which raises animal welfare issues.