Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Copy of letter sent to newspapers following revelation of Edinburgh meeting

Dear Sir,
The Scottish Wildlife Trust, currently misleading the public with its latest beaver propaganda, is revealed as even more underhand than previously thought with the discovery that they and the SNP have been in secret talks with several commercial interests. Held in Edinburgh, the talks, to which none of the local land owners or concerned residents were invited, were concerned with compensation packages! That’s more of your money and my money being used to buy off the big business objection to the proposed beaver introduction . Is this what we can expect more of in Alec Salmond's brave new Scotland, shifty politicians doing shabby deals behind closed doors?
What with Mike Russell's bizarre desire to be known as the man responsible for the introduction of an alien life form and the consequent environmental degradation and SWT, desperate to let beaver loose all over Scotland, the future for indigenous species and existing habitats is bleak, but very rosy for those careless of the consequences of obsession driven agendas.
Yours faithfully
Alexander Hamilton